A cute drawing tool for circle structures

This is cute:

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I will try this! looks great!

Haha, especially because the hand-drawn look is gonna go with the whiteboard-look that people are used to in DTU hm? :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly!! :wink:
More handdrawn = less formal = signals ‘draft’ and continuous beta-mode = lowers the barrier for joining/adding/raising your voice = more participation = better and more human decisions

Of course, I have gotten some remarks (especially from traditional hierarchy folks) that this style of communicating is not ‘serious enough’ and that things have to look more structured and clean to be trustworthy (the risk you take when being part of a large traditional organisation). And a former, me-from-the-past would surely have shuddered upon receiving such a critical remark, but since I have come to appreciate rough edges, uncertainties and unfinnished stuff, because in them lies a much more authentic truth, and the opportunity to catch a glimpse of an undiscovered wisdom that might help us a step further on our journey…

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It would be rally fun to have the current you interview the from-the-past you, or vice versa. I’d watch that talk show!

I am not sure the me-from-the-past would accept the invite. Talking with such a hippie…tsk tsk…what would people think? :rofl: