How to tell the origin story of sociocracy?

Maybe to copy my comment here, I like mutuality a lot.
It’s interesting that one can have all kinds of reasons to value mutuality. For example

  • for religious reasons
  • for ethical reasons
  • because it’s more sustainable/resilient long-term (if people are overpowered, it will create instability over time) - an evolutionary reason I guess?

To your question of rephrasing the Quaker slogan: I’ve heard Tati, a SoPra member who also trains on NVC, name it as “a little bit of the truth lives in everyone of us”, or something along those lines.


Thanks, Eric. I’m tracking with you.

I could go with that, or some similar rendition, “a bit of the truth lives in each of us”, “listening for the truth that each of us brings to a decision” “responding to the truth that each of us brings…”

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It’s interesting seeing it completely without the people, and only with the concepts.

It’s also without the organizations, which are people-esque, but still different.

It always amazes me how many different ways there are to show something.

I wonder what the final replacement image will wind up being, and I see benefits to different ways of presenting it.

For the SoFA about page, I kinda like this concepts based approach (though I would say the color scheme could follow the style guide). It really speaks to the underlying philosophy of Sociocracy and lets the ideas speak for themselves without a bunch of social baggage.

However, for a history page, perhaps a more people and organizational focused approach would make sense, kinda like what @duyoung.jeong and @TedRau were discussing a few posts back. I think it’s important to acknowledge all the social baggage with full context (for better or worse I suppose), and the history matters there! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It just occurred to me to add this link to this thread where it seems to belong.
A while back, we interviewed Gerard Endenburg, and you can see the recording here!

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Whoa, no kidding!

This is awesome, I kinda thought he was long gone but apparently not at all :stuck_out_tongue:

In answer to the Forum “are you sure you want to continue this old conversation?” Yes!

Shala, I’d be grateful to read your article that you mentioned. Where can I get access to it?

In my experience with living and talking to people on Treaty 4 Lands (southern Saskatchewan, Canada), circle gathering is as old as time itself. Could it be something innate that calls people to get together and listen to each other? With various degrees of success?

Sociocracy invites people to apply different strategic ways of communicating. Raising awareness that sociocracy is coloured by various past influences is important.