In Sociocracy, how many notes should the notetaker/secretary be taking?

Just enough. “Enough” means: all content that is relevant beyond the meeting needs to be recorded. For example, a decision about a policy needs to be recorded but a decision to go 15min over time does not have to be recorded because it’s not relevant anymore once the meeting is over. If you are gathering ideas to use later (e.g. proposal ideas, or qualifications), then write them down. Reactions in a reaction round are only noted down if they seem relevant for the future, for example if those reactions might be relevant for a re-write of policy. Hardly ever is it relevant who said what.
Remember that more words does not mean something is more transparent – too many words can make the content of meeting minutes harder to access.

For more information, check out our handbook Many Voices One Song sections 5.4.3-5.4.5

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