Is there interest for an English version of our self-management/TEAL-intro board-game?

I am not sure if this is the right forum for the below message, so please let me know if I am out of bounds here or where I might else place this request. Thx!

To create curiosity and excitement around our current cultural change project at DTU (Technical University in Denmark), where we introduce and try to nudge an IT-organization of more than 200+ people to embark on the self-management road, using TEAL and Sociocracy specifically, we have invested in developing a boardgame to facilitate the first steps into this exciting new way of working. We call it “Is there a leader present?..a game about self-management”. It’s currently in the Danish language, but we are considering making an English version. Translation, production and license costs require us to assess how many outside of DTU would be potentially interested in buying such a board-game.

The game itself is targeted at facilitating a discussion on various self-management topics in a group of 5-7 people. It’s ideal for a team that does not know anything about TEAL, Sociocracy or self-management in general.

It’s centered around a case, portraying a generic IT-organisation, where the main focus lies on discussing various dilemmas in the group, centered around what to do, to become more self-directed and co-led.

Progress is measured on three scales: Psychological Safety, Guardrails & Methods and Clear Purpose. It’s a collaborative game, but there is a scoreboard for the more competitive minds amongst us.

The game itself is self-explanatory, so no facilitator is needed in principle, but the experience improves if a person who knows the game is present.

Our price estimate is currently around EUR 670 / USD 730 / GBP 595 pr. box.

Just to assess ‘the market’ and see if a sound business case can be made for an English version of this game – would anyone in this forum be interested in buying such a boardgame? Let me know if you have any questions! If you have any other feedback, that would be appreciated as well!

Thansk for your time and regards!

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@thomas.kemps @hope.wilder Look! I wish that would be something to have our fingers on!

@egon.loke , I’m so jealous. :slight_smile: As I mentioned on LinkedIn, I wish one could produce it in cheaper. Would you at least be up for talking about that? Or maybe we’ll just wait and see how successful you are and then we’ll talk. :smiling_imp:

I hope you’re well, @egon.loke I’ve recently looked at the transcript of the fishbowl we made in Nottingham, do you remember that?

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Nottingham? That feels like ages ago! Almost at the start of our journey, but we are still talking about it!
With regards to reducing the price pr. box, I think everyone would like to reduce that, but it will require quite a large volume. Maybe we should consider trying crowdfunding services like kickstarter?

As I think I’ve mentioned to you, I’ve re-started writing the storybook I asked you about. I go back through all those experiences, so yes, I’ve thought and talked a lot about it too. There was something really fundamental about it and I’m still unpacking.

Looks like a great product! Curious, like Ted says, if it could be made cheaper. Looks very elegant. Make cheaper, less elegant? Materials cost? Volunteer translation? What is the license cost? What are the ongoing costs after the first English edition is ready?

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