Looking for multi/bilingual web publishers!

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The Web Content Publishing Circle is looking for help.


Publishing web content (articles, events)


  • Publishing ‘events’ on the website, including ticket creation and other registration (including Groundhogg/Funnel based registration)
  • Publishing Wordpress ‘post’ submissions (including case studies, videos, etc)
  • Publishing, improving and writing content on SoFA “pages” and other Wordpress content (like Team Members and other Custom Post Types including products, events and tickets).
  • Supporting SoFA Circles in developing quality content for their pages.
  • Receiving content improvement inquiries, suggestions and requests. (Not bugs and design improvements,which would be forwarded to the website circle via support@ if received).
  • MyWorks QB Mappings for products (including event tickets)

If you would like to help your language community to publish content in SoFA’a webpage, this is the circle for you. We can teach you the basics and all the tools to publish events, blog posts, pages and more.

Send us an email to web.content.publishing.circle@sociocracyforall.org if you are interested

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