No Dumb Rules - Revisited and Revised

I have a project going right now that is reminiscient of a project I did in 2017. I co-created and authored an employee handbook for the organization I was working for.
The title of the employee handbook was “No Dumb Rules”. The contents where just that a carefully curated, co-created, shared employee agreements developed through a shared decision making process hence, no “dumb” rules.
Unfortunately the title didn’t pass the employment attorneys seal of approval but most of the work policies did, minus a few tweaks here and there.
Here it is the end of 2022 and I am back to systems transformation work but instead of a fun, kitchy, and inclusive restaurant company I am managing projects for health systems. The stakes are quite a bit higher in this space.
So far I have stumbled and fumbled quite a bit. I have made some people quite annoyed with my innovative and non status quo ideas and determination to evade bureaucracy. I have also created some excitement and curiosity.
My teams open office hours rendered a head count of 19 today. That’s 19 folks that are geared up to co-create with shared power and shared decision making. This is the significant, however small, moment I have been working towards for the last ten weeks.
I am truly grateful, humbled, and so excited for the generative work ahead of us!