SoFA members - what's a cool project you want others to know about?

Hey SoFA members!
What is a cool project (sociocracy or related) that you think we all should know about? A new idea you had, a new connection, a new organization you’re working with?

Comment here!

Hi, I’ve entered the forum to see the new thing here ;))
Looks impressive already!

In terms of sharing here is the news I have: I have been supporting a Horse Riding Association in the implementation of sociocracy for almost 2 years. It is a very sloooow process since all people in this organization are volunteers. Yesterday, there was a General Assembly and I was elected to be a vice-president of this club. My focus and challenge: to intensify the implementation!
This is great news because it reflects the trust people are already having in the new system - they like it and they want more of it!


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I’m on the board of the Firefly Gathering, which teaches earthskills and nature connection - it’s traditionally an annual gathering but is in the process of shifting to more of a year around model. We’re gradually implementing Sociocracy :slight_smile:

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