What if SoFA is organized like Buurtzorg?

A simple thought experiment came up a while ago, ‘what if SoFA is organized like Buurtzorg?’. Then it faded. And when I was reading the minutes of general circle. I saw the question ‘If SoFA got doubled, what would break? The reaction that popped up for me was ‘double links’, to my surprise.

And the question of ‘What if SoFA is organized like Buurtzorg?’ came back again and again serval times. So I thought I might share it here in the forum.

Like Buurtzorg roughly means there’s a head quarter, and circles of nurses which cover designated geographical area. For SoFA it could look like headquarter and circles of trainers/consultants covering their domain (geographical, language or ‘conceptual ecosystems such as intentional communities’)

For those who are curious about the Buurtzorg model, I share the link of a short video.

And I don’t have specific or deep knowledge regarding the question. I know Buurtzorg only from the book ‘Reinventing the Organizations’. I am sharing this I guess as sort of like a feedback, because the question keeps coming back!

It can be like that for its connection to trainers/consultants.
Not so much in the core functions.