2023 personal role-play

2023 personal role-play

In the process of personal optimization we often use role-play.


To go through as many scenarios as possible before they happen.

It is a training that one should not miss if he / she wants to optimize certain parameters, including the quality and the speed of reaction in certain situations.

Many of the scenarios practiced through role-play do not end up happening in reality, but when you feel prepared, there is nothing to be afraid of, right?

One of the aspects that I practice for my own benefit is that of inner dialogue (self role-play).

No, I’m not talking alone, I’m talking to myself.

In such a dialogue, I asked myself what I would bet on the time resources that I will have at my disposal next year.

There are many things that urge me to pay attention, each more interesting than the other.

After deliberations, I came to the conclusion that I would invest the available time from 2023 in my own education and practice related to sociocracy.

Everything I do will be circumscribed in one way or another to this goal.

How do you choose to spend your time in 2023?

Your friend,
because I care