2023 SOFA Academy - Dedicated Topic under Academy for Group 1

My group for the Monday Class of SOFA Academy is working on cultivating feedback and I have been selected as the Secretary. We have also selected to utilize the forum as our means of communication. In order to keep our work organized and accessible to the members of this group (and eventually others) would we be able to get a dedicated subsection under: 2023 SOFA Academy - Monday Class - and Label it Cultivating Feedback Group. We would like to be able to use the full capacity if the forum otherwise we will be using the chat feature. Is this possible? If not, I understand.
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Hi William!
Yes, we’d love to support you to use the full capacity of the forum :slight_smile:
Discourse, the forum software we’re using, encourages the use of only 2 levels of categories. That’s what we already have: Sociocracy Academy - Academy 2023. The next way to organize posts would be via tags. You should be able to create tags yourself, just add it to a topic in the ‘tags’ field. Also you can link to a view that only shows a certain tag. e.g. the ‘sociocracy-academy’ tag in the Academy 2023 categorie: https://forums.sociocracyforall.org/tags/c/sociocracy-academy/academy-2023/50/sociocracy-academy

Would this fulfill your needs? I’d also love to hear what @john.l.clark is thinking about this, who has a lot of knowledge about Discourse.


William, I’m curious to understand better what you are wanting from organizing these topics according to their course group. Are you wanting to keep these topics private to your Academy class? If you want to walk me through how you plan on having different groups of people interact with topics in different contexts, that would help me suggest ways to use Discourse to support your needs.


We wound up not using Discourse but the idea was to have a subsection in academy for my group so we could have a mini-forum but we just used a word document. I appreciate the response, I apologize for the delay in my response.

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