365+ Sociocracy Quotes For All

365+ Sociocracy Quotes For All (book proposal)

SoFA has already become an international and multicultural organization and I expect it to develop further, if …

Yes, it is an if…

It is difficult (if not impossible) for such a large and continuous growth to be sustainable without using the collective intelligence of those who are willing to contribute to this work.

Like any work that covers a huge geographical area and wants to reach every corner of the world, I guess it’s time to have more “ambassadors”.

Of course, the development wouldn’t have been so big and fast if it weren’t for the founders, the books, the materials, the events and all the training.

However, when the development is great, there comes a time when a handful of people can no longer be there all the time, everywhere, at any time.

In this case, the need for ambassadors passionate about sociocracy is felt.

Ambassadors should be able to respond pertinently to people’s questions when they arise, not just when those few most experienced people have time.

Free events already answer many questions for those who are really interested, but what is the path from being curious to become interested?

When they are interested in a product or service, most people do not directly ask the manufacturers or the suppliers.

They seek to document themselves, either on the Internet or by asking a friend.

The internet is already available to people, but do they already have friends they can ask about sociocracy?

Here I think that the “role” of sociocracy ambassador could be useful.

The ambassadors could be those people well prepared and passionate enough to talk about sociocracy (not necessarily teaching sociocracy) and willing to take it on as a personal “life mission”.

Like in any missionary work, sociocracy ambassadors would do well having at hand a book with short ideas, able to answer various very specific questions.

Such a book with “verses” from sociocracy knowledge (I mean quotes, of course) could be something that I have already proposed to the Content and Publishing Circle of SoFA - a collection of quotes from sociocracy that would provide a sociocratic anchor for every day of the year; and even more.

I proposed that this book to be called “365+ Sociocracy Quotes For All

I think it could be done through a collective approach. What do you think?

Do you like the idea of ​​having a book at hand that offers every day a sociocracy anchor, for the mind or for the heart, for yourself or for those around you?

I would appreciate any feedback from you.

Adrian, your friend.