A little experiment - "visit a meeting" product? Is your circle willing?

I’ve already run this by Cont Ed where it lives (and they approved it), but I want to hear reflections here and ask if there are willing circles.

I know for many learners, sociocracy is still a mystery because they can’t picture how it would work. One possible way to give them a sense of that is to have them visit meetings.
Although I sometimes offer it to clients and students, not many take me up on it, probably because I can’t name specific times.

The idea
So I was wondering if we could pick 3 meetings in April that would be open to visitors. I was thinking they’d have to be quiet and off camera. At the end, we could make a forum thread for their questions and maybe the facilitator or leader is willing to answer them.

I wonder what an appropriate charge would be? Maybe $25 per person?
Then it would cover costs if 2-3 people do it because it’ll take a moment to set up but I think I’ll “reuse” a product and just do it manually until we see whether people are interested.

Is your circle willing to be visited?
The ideal circle meeting to visit would be a meeting where there are reports and policies/reviews, maybe a few actions steps (optional). Lots of rounds :slight_smile: Probably best to show a circle of 5-6 people.

I could see Training Circle, Content Circle go for it and I’ll ask them. Any other circles around here that are willing?

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I’m excited for Content Circle to offer it.

I feel open to Website or Web Content offering it if the other members of those circles are excited, although Website usually has a facilitator that’s working on Academy badges-- I’m not sure how engaging the content of any of those meetings would feel to an outside person though, especially if the expectation is they don’t have any engagement in the process, but I suppose the easiest way to find out if people want a product is to see if they buy it.

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Well, if the facilitator says that, that’s awesome!
So shall we go for the April 13 meeting as the experiment? @Lainewyne

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