About the Advocates for sociocracy in Intentional Community category

This section of the forum addresses questions that Intentional Communities could have about Sociocracy, and everything that may be of interest to sociocratic intentional communities. It is a written complement to the monthly zoom meetings of our community of practice, Advocates for sociocracy in community.

An Intentional Community is a residential community, where a group of people have chosen to live together and share resources on the basis of common values. Communes, ecovillage, cohousing, coliving and student coops are all types of intentional communities. Intentional communities model more cooperative, sustainable and just ways of life (Foundation for Intentional COmmunity). They are early adopters of sociocracy, as the shared-power, equity and efficiency values of sociocracy often resonate with theirs.

This section of the forum aims to support intentional communities in their use of sociocracy. We will report on many topics discussed in our zoom meetings and ask for your input, we will let you know about relevent events like conferences or trainings, and you are also invited to post your own questions and discussion topics!

This section of the forum can be read by all, but only SoFA members can write on the forum. Intentional communities can be organizational members, meaning your whole organization is a member and any resident can write on the forum and have other member benefits. You can also be an individual SoFA member.

Can you clarify if this is a drop in CoP as described on the webpage? I thought I heard Jerry say in a recent meeting that each organization could send up to 3 members who would attend on an ongoing basis. Thanks!

Hi Marylin!
This is a drop in CoP. We like consistency, so ideally one community would have the 3 same members attending. but they don’t need to be there each time at all. They can alternate, or all come together. It’s a suggestion, and you can change those people without letting us know in advance.
Hope this clarifies it!

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Thank you for clarifying SoFA’s expectations about attendance. Another question… Do you think brief or occasional notes will be available here? I’ve been asked to report back to my Governance circle after attending, and wonder if other attendees have had the same request. If so, it would be great to be able to get those through the forum perhaps? What do others think? Or maybe a topic that resonated with other attendees. Thanks for making CoP happen!:pray::heart::clap:

Hi Marilyn,
I will sometimes post some of the topics here, in a clean format, asking for more input in the forum. Anybody who attends Advocates live sessions are also welcome to post on one of the topics, if they see that it’s not been addressed yet.
I take notesof everything that is said during Advocates, they are my “complete” notes. They’re not “clean”, so I will not post them here on the forum, but I usually send them to the Advocates Google group, so anyone who has signed up for Advocates live sessions will receive them (including you!).