About the Community job listings category

This category provides a place to find or share jobs with organizations that value skill with sociocracy.

If you are looking for a job, please browse through the listings in this category! If you have feedback about how we all can use this category more effectively as a way to connect about available jobs, please respond to this topic.

If you know about positions that are available, we encourage you to add them to this category. All posts here will be reviewed before they are made public. Please post positions in a new topic, and please include answers to the following questions (along with other information about the position):

  1. What contact information can someone use to follow up about the position?
  2. When are you trying to make a decision about who to hire for the position? (The goal here is to know when the listing it out of date.)
  3. How does the work or the organization use sociocracy?

If the position is no longer available, please update your post to keep us informed.