About the Help Wanted! SoFA Circle and Role Postings category

Hi SoFA Members, and world!

This category is a place to post and advertise SoFA Roles which need filling, as well as circles looking for more membershp!

There are some simple conventions!

When posting a position, be sure to:

  1. Make sure the Topic/post title includes the role description name (or circle aims and domains if circle membership)
  2. Include a link to the role description (or circle minutes), and ideally also include a summary of the role description in plain text. Consider how the role description is shared and if it’s visible to non-members.
  3. If you have an external application process, please include a link to that application.
  4. Include contact information for who to contact about the role.

If the role is later filled, be sure to come back and post that the role is filled. Edit the topic to say [filled].

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I really like the idea of using the forum to post roles! What do you think about using the Discourse category topic template feature to encourage people to follow these guidelines?

That’s an awesome idea - I’m not totally familiar with it, but will look into it, or see if someone one from website or software development circle wants to give it a try. (@alex.davidsoncarroll ?)

Do you have experience with them @deborah.chang ?

Seems like a perfect application :slight_smile:

I do! And it works really well. Screenshots from how we use Templates

In this example, we use topic templates to create, well, a template that people fill out.

In this example, we add directions.

I happened to stumble on them now that I knew what to look for, seems like it should be easy to setup! :slight_smile:

Thanks for that suggestion @deborah.chang , I setup a nice little default template for posts in this category!