Acceptance and inclusion

Acceptance and inclusion …

Many people feel that others do not accept them as they are at some point.

This lack of acceptance can manifest itself in various aspects of life, either personally or professionally, to name just two of them.

In this way, they gradually become withdrawn and deliberately isolate themselves from others.

Under these conditions, they no longer feel comfortable interacting with those around them and avoid expressing themselves whenever they have something to say or in the presence of anyone.

Not everyone adapts easily to change.

One of the reasons why people around us do not accept us as we are is often their fear that our presence might influence their own reality, especially their self-esteem and even their self-confidence.

Why? Because many people tend to evaluate themselves by comparison with others, not with themselves, not being able to appreciate the difference between what they were and what they have become.

This way, many people put themselves at a disadvantage, not really knowing what influenced the situation of others.

There is a latent tendency in us to want acceptance and appreciation for who we are, and many find it difficult to be themselves without receiving validation from others.

How about we each deliberately seek to associate with people who, having similar values, can understand and appreciate who we are?

Wouldn’t it be more effective to discover people with whom we feel we are similar and with whom we can get along?

A man’s worth is always appreciated in the right environment and circumstances, so why not go through this process consciously, voluntarily and persistently?

Sociocracy facilitates authentic conversation between people so that every voice is not just heard, but listened to.

The decisions we could make by consent should be the result of a process of inclusion and optimization, so that in the end the decision made could work for all those involved.

The flexibility that sociocracy allows is wonderful and desirable.

As some of you already know, wondering is an important aspect of my existence, so here are some questions from my reflections:

How much do we accept that what we were yesterday may no longer represent us today?

How much do we accept that the future is not a given and that, through our involvement, it can be influenced and reconfigured?

To what extent are we willing to get involved in building the reality we are looking for?

Wouldn’t that be easier to achieve with other people who want the same thing?

In a way, I am a social designer and I believe that the world needs many other social designers to (re)shape the reality in which we live.

Do you realize that you too, could be a successful social designer?

I invite you to contribute together to make a more inclusive world where everyone can more easily find the place that suits them.

What do you say? Do you accept my invitation to collaborate?

Adrian, your friend.

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