Accepting/Selecting new leaders/delegates from subsidiary Circle onto Parent Circle

My apologies if this is already covered somewhere in the discussions, and feel free to just point me to that conversation if so.

I’d like some clarification on the process by which a Parent circle accepts the new member who was s/elected on subsidiary/lower Circle’s new leader - and I supposed the same question would apply to the delegate s/elected from that Circle. Those two roles are then meant to be full members of the Parent Circle, but my understanding is that the Parent Circle also gets to consent to those new members. So how does that work? Are the new people from the lower circle presented to the parent circle as like a nomination proposal, and then the Parent circle uses consent decision making to work through that proposal of the new additional members? And what if that Parent circle objects to one of those new people? Then what? Does the lower circle go back to the drawing board? Is there a joint meeting convened of both circles to work it out? I’m just curious if others have gone through this and what would be considered best practice.

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Like that!

Most typically, if there is an objection, it can be integrated. It can’t be ad hominem objections anyway (unless it’s a big deal - like “I don’t trust that person enough to have them be in this circle”). If it’s more like “I am worried xyz might not have enough bandwidth to be here” then we measure concern etc.
If all fails, then yes, the circle that did the selection needs to find another person. I wanna say this happens very rarely - and should probably happen more often…

In our organization, usually a newly selected leader/delegate attends the first meeting of the broader (parent) circle as a guest. During the ADMIN section, under Attendance, we throw in a quick proposal to accept the new person(s) as a member(s) of the circle. The facilitator will usually “test for consent,” that is, call for a consent round without doing full clarifying questions/quick reactions rounds. I have never seen an objection during this process. But if someone on the circle had an objection, the facilitator would (I presume) work to integrate the objection in some sensible way (perhaps shortening the term?).

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