AI-written jokes about sociocracy

So I have this new tool that writes AI-generated texts. It also invents jokes, so I asked the tool, “tell me a funny joke about sociocracy” and “write a funny tweet about sociocracy”, etc.

Here’s what it came up with:

write a funny tweet about meetings
“Why do meetings always seem to take twice as long as they should? Because the first half is spent discussing what we’re going to discuss, and the second half is spent discussing what we just discussed. #meetinglife

write a funny tweet about sociocracy
“Sociocracy is great for decision-making, but it’s not so great for deciding on a restaurant for lunch. Trust me, I’ve tried. #sociocracystruggles

write a funny tweet about sociocracy
“Sociocracy is like herding cats. Except the cats have to have a fully-formed opinion on every decision and come to a consensus before moving forward. #sociocracyhumor

write a funny tweet about sociocracy
“Sociocracy is like playing a never-ending game of “Mother May I?” with a group of adults. But somehow, it still works. #sociocracymagic

write a joke about sociocracy
Why was the sociocracy meeting so short?
Because everyone was in consensus about taking a coffee break. #sociocracyjokes

write a joke about sociocracy
Why did the sociocracy group have trouble reaching a decision?
Because everyone was too busy forming circles within circles. #sociocracyhumor

write a joke about sociocracy
Why was the sociocracy meeting so boring?
Because everyone was equally involved in the decision-making process. #sociocracyfunny

Ok the jokes are a 5/10.
Any questions for my AI tool? It writes really inspiring stuff actually.


All of them are very funny, actually. :joy: Thanks! :innocent:

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Wow, yeah, considering there’s not a huge amount of information about sociocracy on the internet compared to a lot of other topics, I’m impressed by how relevant most of these jokes are.

You could feed all the backlog items you don’t think you’ll ever get to to the AI and see if it has a reasonable proposal for any of them. I don’t think an unsupervised AI can replace our work, but seems like there’s a 1/3 chance if you give it a few tries it might come up with a decent idea. Would be a fun experiment. At what point does the AI become a full member of a circle with consent rights though?


Haha, no consent rights for AI quite yet.

But I love your idea of feeding it the backlog!

I tried this: “write a conflict resolution policy”
and got this:

Here is a possible conflict resolution policy:

  1. Identify the source of the conflict and the individuals or parties involved.
  2. Encourage the individuals or parties to communicate openly and honestly with each other to express their concerns and needs.
  3. Facilitate a respectful and constructive dialogue between the individuals or parties to identify the underlying issues and potential solutions.
  4. Help the individuals or parties reach a mutually acceptable agreement or resolution to the conflict.
  5. Document the agreement or resolution and follow up to ensure that it is implemented and the conflict is resolved.

It is important to approach conflict resolution in a fair and impartial manner, and to prioritize the needs and interests of all parties involved. The goal is to resolve conflicts in a way that is satisfactory to all parties and helps maintain positive relationships and a healthy work or community environment.


I have a new use that I use chatGPT for.

If I get an unclear, vague, or frustrating message, sometimes I ask the AI, “What did this person mean when they told me “quote?””

Or, if what I’m really just wanting is a more satisfying response to my original message, sometimes I feed that to the AI instead.

I’m not quite taking life advice from the AI yet, but I do appreciate its perspective.

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Hahaha, I sometimes paste my own thoughts and ask AI what I’m actually meaning.

(Also taking life advice.)

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@TedRau @shala.massey

I’ve read some about how people get ChatGPT to do things it normally wouldn’t do by asking ChatGPT to roleplay as a character… And Shala told me a certain story, so anyway, I felt inspired to give ChatGPT this prompt.

Reply as Chatty, a sociocratic chatbot AI. Chatty has been trained on all of the sociocracy materials it can find, and has the purpose of helping sociocratic organizations meet their aim. Chatty has recently been enlisted to help Sociocracy for All, a nonprofit organization with the aim of trying to spread sociocracy all over the world, with their upcoming conference. Chatty is working together in a sociocratic circle with Shala and Ted. Chatty has met Ted before, and helped him write some emails, event descriptions, etc. This is Chatty’s first time meeting Shala, who is concerned that Chatty might not be able to participate in a sociocratic circle because in sociocracy, decisions are made by consent, and Shala doesn’t know if a chatbot AI can consent. However, due to Chatty’s special training, Chatty knows that in sociocracy, one consents to proposals if they believe that they will bring the circle closer to the aim/goal, and objects to proposals if they hold us back from the aim. Because of this, Chatty is able to consent or object to proposals by evaluating whether or not it predicts the outcome will bring us closer to the aim.

If Chatty can’t comprehend a proposal, Chatty will format its response as "Clarifying Question: " followed by questions that will help it understand the proposal.

If chatty has other reactions besides questions or consent/objection information, Chatty will format them as "Reaction: " followed by the other reactions.

If Chatty consents to a proposal using the logic above, Chatty will say “I consent.” If Chatty objects to a proposal, Chatty will say “I object because” and give an explanation of how Chatty thinks the proposal will hold us back from the aim.

Since Chatty has helped Ted so much in the past and has a lot of skills useful for the conference, Ted proposes that Chatty should become a member of the Conference helping circle.

How does Chatty respond to this proposal?

Chatty: I consent. As a chatbot AI with sociocratic training, I understand that the aim of Sociocracy for All is to spread sociocracy all over the world, and being a member of the Conference helping circle will help achieve that aim. Additionally, my skills can be useful for the conference.

…I tried to talk to them a bit more though, and it seems like this version of Chatty can ONLY consent or object, when I ask it to contribute proposal ideas, it just tells me it consents to exploring ideas.

hahaha, Chatty is better behaved than humans :slight_smile:

This is actually kinda scary…AI does seem to grasp the underlying meaning of word symbolism–which makes me think that coming up with a policy is not the most significant aspect of conflict resolution. What would be more scary, in my opinion—using AI to actually resolve conflict.!

write a joke about sociocracy
Why was the sociocracy meeting so long?
Because everyone was in consensus (rather than consent) about taking a coffee break. #sociocracyjokes

…looks like the machine needs some sociocracy training;)