Announcement: SoFA is looking for a 1-2 Mission Circle member(s)

Sociocracy For All Mission Circle is looking for 1-2 members to add to the remaining 6 members.

What we’re looking for:

  • We will consider people from inside and from outside SoFA. A good understanding of sociocracy and of SoFA as a movement-support organization is essential. You will enjoy this work if you bring systems-awareness and a desire to think about the movements of movements.
  • To keep the current gender balance, we’d love to fill the open slot(s) with women or non-binary member(s).
  • Current members are from North America, Latin America, Europe; therefore, other perspectives are desired.
  • Fluent English is helpful but we will consider working with live interpretation if English is a barrier.

About SoFA Mission Circle:

  • We’ve been enjoying our collaboration. Two members are sad to leave because of life circumstances. As with every sociocratic board, two links to the SoFA General Circle are members of the Mission Circle (currently Nora Plaza as delegate, Ted Rau as op leader of the GC). The current chair of the MC is Pascale Mompoint-Gaillard.
  • The Mission Circle has an almost-complete overlap with the legal board. The new member will be able to choose to be a board member or not, with no extra meetings.
  • The Mission Circle meets monthly for ca. 2h, with ca. 1h of reading time for documents and emails per month. The main activity of the Mission Circle is to hold the General Circle true to its mission and aims and serve as a sounding board in sensing sessions, oversee fundamental budget decisions and support the General Circle with feedback. To give you a sense of the work to come, in the past months, we’ve been working on reviewing and approving the governance agreement and the social justice statement.

Deadline: Oct 8