Announcing the SoFA Creative Commons library project on GitHub!

The members of the Publishing House Circle and the Creative Commons Helping Circle are pleased to announce the SoFA Creative Commons Library project! As part of their commitment to SoFA’s mission, Ted and Jerry have published the books “Many Voices, One Song” and “Who Decides Who Decides?” under a Creative Commons license. We have launched this project in order to support you in accessing and contributing to the source markup for these and other open source SoFA texts.

You can find the texts and supporting files that are currently available at our GitHub repository for this project. We currently only have the markup for “Many Voices One Song” in English available, but we hope to have more texts and more translations available in the future. And, because of the nature of this project, you can help us with this work, if it interests you!

We welcome you to use this forum category to discuss this project and changes that you might want to make. You can also use the tools available on GitHub (and git) to facilitate collaboration on this project.

Please let us know here if you have questions or feedback about how all of this can work. We’re quite excited to be providing more channels through which our many voices can indeed contribute to harmony in the world’s song!