Are we living by choice or by habit?

Are we living by choice or by habit?

If you already know everything, there’s no point in reading this post, because the chances are that you won’t find anything new.

In case you want to use this post as a pretext for a personal reflection, then I invite you to enjoy this message.

Are we the same?

Certainly not!

Should we be the same?

I guess not.

Are we completely different?

That’s not true either.

Then what is our common ground?

Probably we all want to fulfill some needs.

Are our needs the same?

Generally speaking, our fundamental needs are the same, but at a given moment, their weight and priority differ for each individual.

Since we have roughly the same needs, we should understand each other perfectly, right?

If our conscience took this into account, it would be so.

Then what is the problem that we so often end up discussing contradictory, not synchronizing and eventually not cooperating in order to meet everyone’s needs?

Problems probably arise when we discuss strategies before having an authentic discussion about everyone’s needs.

Too often we think we know what we need or what the other person needs. We think that it is self-evident, although it is not really so.

The priority in everyone’s needs can change from one year to another, from one month to another, from one day to another or even from one hour to another.

If we’re hungry or thirsty, eating or hydrating ourselves comes first. If we satisfy these needs, then the next priority makes its presence felt and we act accordingly.

There is a permanent rotation of needs, so none of us is always the same.

Are we taking this into account deliberately (consciously, voluntarily and persistently)?

Not really …

It is most likely that we let ourselves be carried away by the strategies we have learned in a certain context, even when they are neither effective nor efficient.

How about living deliberately, by choice, not by habit? Would it be of any use?

I think so …

Adrian, your friend.