Avoiding corruption

I am considering setting up a new organisation as a professional membership body.

I am wondering if there is any experience in writing a constitution/vision/mission/aims (CVMA) statement in a way that avoids any sort of power-move by any small group of people. For example, I wonder of including things like:

  • A requirement for a “Full Membership Circle” FMC, which would have to consent to any change to the (CVMA) statement.

  • Rules about objections made in absence in the FMC (a sort of quorate concept?)

  • Benefit distribution rules like nobody earns more than 10 times what anyone else earns.

Any thoughts, anyone?


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Hello Mark (@mark.harrison),

I’m glad you intend to adopt and implement sociocracy in a new organization.

The way to implement sociocracy depends of the specific circumstances, on the people involved, if it’s a start-up or something to change on the way, etc.

There are many organizations / comunities that already adopted, implemented and use sociocracy to organize and govern themselves.

I guess Ted Rau (@TedRau) and Jerry Koch-Gonzales (@jerry.koch-gonzalez) - the cofounders of Sociocracy For All - have the expertise you are looking for and some answers to your questions.

I’m interested on how you will decide to implement sociocracy and I’m looking for news and updates to this post.

Best wishes,