Badge for Practicing Sociocracy?

Curious if SoFA has a badge that I could put on our website to champion the fact that we operate as a sociocracy? Kinda like the guidestar profiles for nonprofits… I’d love to put that out there


I like this idea a lot, Jason! I’m not sure if we have anything currently, but I want to bring this up with SoFA Support Services Circle to see what we may want to develop around this.

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Currently we only add organizations to our map when they apply, but a badge for organizations that are verifiably using sociocracy would be great, however training circle would need to find some way to evaluate them. I think it’s a really good idea and could dove tail with the Organization Health Check quizzes @TedRau made.

This would really help spread the word about sociocracy and SoFA’s work in a tangible way. It’s actually been brought up in the past but wasn’t within capacity at the time.

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@john.l.clark & @cj.oreilly - thank you for your replies and attention to this question! I’m encouraged by your responses. We started our sociocracy practice this year and I’m quite proud of our development. I recommend a badge system similar to Guidestar/Candid, which has tiers tied to use of SoFA’s resources and certifications. Would be great to encourage everyone along the journey as it’s a long one :slight_smile: I’d be interested in attending a circle meeting regarding this issue if the invitation is open.

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Hi Jason, CJ and John!
Thanks for the idea Jason, I love it too! And I think now we probably have the resources to do it.
The health check gives a sociocracy score, and when the organization is above 60%, we consider it sociocratic enough according to our standards. Then the org can be on the map. It could be the same standard to get the badge.

Internal structure comment: Interesting that SSS and Training circles have been mentioned. From my perspective, it would live well under Organization Support, because the health check is already in this circle’s domain, and the badge is connected to an organization and not an individual. Maybe we should first discuss where that lives in the general circle??


Greetings! Just checking in on this to see if there may be any updates? I’m so proud to say we are making big strides in our adoption of sociocracy - it’s really taken off! We’ll be doing another assessment in May and I’m hopefully we’ll make it past the 60% mark - badge territory!! We’re also pulling together some money to do a SoFA subscription - maybe this summer!! Would love to get into some of those workshops!