Best practices, measurements, and design in permaculture and sociocracy

In Permaculture Circle (sector circle) we want to spend some time discussing how to develop best practices and design tools when it comes to integrating permaculture and sociocracy. I thought I would open up the conversation here and see what kind of picture emerges in the conservation. :smile:

We could map some of this onto OBREDIMET model or some variation of it? Or with the core ethics and principles? Where would you start?

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This can be such an intersting conversation with many avenues.

I imagine it will get the farthest with a clear and limited focus. Assessing the needs for the integration is perhaps a good place to start?

But… what comes to mind is:
I am not familiar with the OBREDIMET process. But perhaps this is an opportunity:
Permaculture is many things, but the part where sociocracy and permaculture overlap is in the social technology - the social patters of activity.

So… a starting question might be:

How is a group OBREDIMET process usually facilitated?
Are there things which we can take from sociocracy to support and improve the process?

That’s a specific example, but this can be expanded:
What are key “social technologies” or decision making practices or concepts in permaculture which would either benefit from sociocratic influence OR which sociocracatic organizations can impliment?

Examples might be:

  • cyclical budgeting models (from permaculture)
  • the 8 forms of capital (from permaculture)
  • using rounds (from sociocracy)
  • domain and aim clarity within circles/groups (from sociocracy)
  • clear meeting process & facilitation (from sociocracy)
  • the understand-explore-decide model and proposal forming processes

The question I guess is:
Which are worthy of “best practices”? Which are key design tools?

Perhaps starting with a facilitated meeting process which already explores melding and mixing tools to answer this question would be a good starting point?

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