Book Recommendations Thread!

In the SoFA Member Development ideas thread @hanna.fischer recommend we have a thread just for book tips!

So here we are :stuck_out_tongue: This one will be pinned here so it’s always easy to find! Just post your book recommendations. Let’s keep this thread just for recommendations and/or requests.

If you do want to start a book club on a book in particular, check out the “How to start a SoFA Book Club!” thread!


Here are some books recommendations/books I’d like to do book clubs on!

And some other books I love!

  • The Dao De Jing - many translations
  • Waking the Tiger - Peter A. Levine
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  • A Liberated Mind, Steven Hayes. There’s a vague connection in terms of people here: Hayes is connected to Prosocial. It’s basically the inner readiness for doing any of this collaborative work with self-responsibility, or inner freedom if those words work for you.
  • How to measure anything - Douglas Hubbard. Very technical and nerdy but so important! I think reading the book (I’m 50% in and reading it slowly in small bits) is making me a better decision-maker and facilitator. In particular, it’s addressing the typical reservations of “well, one can’t measure that so let’s not even try”
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On new ways of working:
Brave New Work by Aaron Dignan from The Ready
Humanocracy by prof. Gary Hamel (+ all previous books of his)
Age of Agile by Steven Denning

Going Horizontal by Samantha Slade is very good to work on one’s mindset.