Can AI change sociocracy?

I was chatting with a friend who works in tech. He told me about this cool AI tool their company uses for meetings. It takes detailed notes, highlighting important stuff and even planning the next steps. It got me thinking – will we still need secretaries in the future?

Also, how do you think AI will change how we run things like sociocracy and other ways organizations are managed? I’m really curious about your ideas! Share your thoughts and let’s talk about it together.

If think there are good tools which can support us in our work and at the same time we should also be aware that AI is not neutral. AI is designed by humans with biases and so it has also biases e.g. zoom or other tools are transferring higher/female read voices worse than lower/male read voices (and there are many more examples) and gets more complicated to notice that, if we don’t understand how things are created or whats behind it because it so complex

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Do you know what AI your friend was using?