Can I use the same Aim for sub-circles and adapt the domain for each?

I’m going to present Sociocracy to a group in the near future. Our organizational structure will have a national circle, 13 provincial and/or territorial (P/Ts) circles and over 300 district circles each within the P/Ts, some having more than others, but overall, the 300 represents all there is nationally…

I’ve crafted an overall aim for the organization. I believe it would essentially be the same for each P/T and for the 300 districts. Each of the national, PT and district circles would eventually have their own sub-circles in time with specific aims, such as social media circles, etc.

Would it make sense for each of these 3 levels to have the same aim, but the domain of each would vary. For example the national circle would have as their domain, national type organizations, though the headquarters of these organizations could be located within a P/T and a district. The PTs would have domain over P/T type organizations, that is, with their area of operations strictly within their respective P/T. Lastly, the district circles would have domain over their respective geographical areas and any organizations whose mandate lies strictly within their district.

Would this make sense or would there be a better way of working this out?



First answer: no, they should not have the same aim. And I’m guessing, if I understand you correctly, that it would be inaccurate to give them the same aim. Because one geographical group has the [aim in region x], the other on has [aim in region y]. So they’re not the same.
That said, there are structures to deal with geographical circles - you’re not the first one to struggle with redundancy there. @claude.lauzon

Read this article about regional and national domains. I know it’s a dense article and clearly for a very advanced audience. If you need support, please let me know. I enjoy designing those structures.