Change and Sustainability

Change and Sustainability

Many times I have thought about climate change and I wonder how little is being done to prevent global warming, if it exists.

I don’t want to discuss about what others are saying and I don’t feel like contradicting anyone.

It is enough for me to make my own voice heard.

My opinion is that at the level of humanity we are going through a crisis of distribution / sharing of resources.

In this world, much more is produced than is needed to live very well.

A huge amount of what is produced is not consumed, but the expenses incurred are paid by ordinary consumers.

We don’t pay just what we consume. We really pay what is produced plus a certain profit for those that are high in the hierarchy.

If we didn’t have all those expenses, everyone’s life would be more sustainable, cheaper and therefore the general quality of life would increase.

It’s amazing to me that most people do not realize what happens and that we don’t find yet a way for the dissolution of “The Pyramid”.

If we produced less, the cost of living would be more affordable, and the quality of life could increase considerably, because we would not always be thinking about how to make money.

“Quality of Life” also means how much time we have for the activities we really like.

Unfortunately, an ethical redistribution of resources (including time, money or decision power) is difficult to achieve, if not impossible on a human scale if we continue to base our activities on profit.

The redistribution of profit through charitable actions is just dust thrown in the eye.

In my opinion humanity does not need “charities” or “handouts”, but an ethical (re)distribution / sharing of available resources and a production that ensures a decent existence. Is it possible without a new political conscience and system for all those who are now outside of the “political games”?

Until we (re)learn to do this, the crisis humanity is in will amplify, get worse and we will end up in a more serious and uncontrollable situation than if we decide together to limit our consumption and respective production to what is really necessary for most human beings.

Let’s make decisions together … It’s like I’ve heard this expression before

What should we do so that what we already know can be applied globally?

Is our system ready for such a challenge? If not, what prevents us from thinking about it and finding a solution?

Those in the autocratic world support each other. Are we doing this in the sociocracy version of human organization?

We often think about a lot of details and it is good that we do this to ensure a convenient continuity of our everyday life.

Shouldn’t we add to this a really big vision that would become a viable and sustainable alternative to the current dominant way of human organization?

Having the **Sociocracy Academy** where the knowledge we already have can be passed on to those interested in receiving, learning it and using it is an obvious and absolutely necessary plus.

Wouldn’t it be useful to have a division (department, institute) of futuristic research and pragmatic application of sociocracy so that this knowledge and expertise can become the foundation for a real and duplicable alternative on a human scale?

I ask because I care, but others are also needed so that these questions become dominant and form a real vortex of global transformation, not for the benefit of a minority, but for the benefit of the majority.

Your friend,
because I care

p.s. Someone once asked me why I care so much about the future since I won’t exist when that future will come? Well, if there is the necessary will, the world could transform with astonishing speed. Beyond that, I’m interested in what kind of world my children will live in. Already the world in which we live is no longer as beautiful as the world in which I grew up in my childhood and this worries me, because this ugliness took place in less than one human life. At this rate, the ecosystem of this earth will be unrecognizable in a few decades or hundreds of years and it’s a shame, because there is enough for everyone. The earth is made to support a good and comfortable life for everyone, but I don’t think it is made to support luxury and especially “luxury” in the long term.

I guess that this earth is for living well, but not for making profit at the expense of others.