"Changing democracy from the inside out"

Webinar Circle is planning a series for this fall of several events related to the topic of “changing democracy from the inside out”.
Our current ideas are:

  • Featuring the Children’s Parliament
  • Featuring political parties using sociocracy
  • Inviting Henny Freitas who was voted into office using a sociocratic collective permaculture mandate

Anything else you’d like to see?

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We (Sofie and Jerry) in Member Development Circle have ideas for webinars that would be first of all oriented towards SoFA members but then could be improved and repeated for the general public with a tighter explanation of the relationship between the topics and sociocracy.

  1. ProSocial - A number of SoFA members have taken ProSocial classes and ProSocial has to some level adopted sociocracy. Ted knows the most and is closely connected to ProSocial’s Paul Atkins.
  2. Theory U - Otto Scharmer. Thousands of people have taken Theory U classes, and some SoFA members have too. SoFA Mission Circle member Pascale Mompoint presented on Theory U at the 2021 or 2020 SoFA Global conference. Could we actually make contact with Otto the founder who is at MIT - a university in Boston US and do something together?
  3. Commons/Ostrom Principles - David Bollier. David interviewed Ted & Jerry for his podcast on the Commons. Could we (Ted?) do something with David on the connection between the Commons movement and sociocracy?
  4. Solidarity Economy -Emily Kawano. Jerry just attended a training for trainers for a Solidarity Economy 101 workshop. Jerry can do this session for SoFA members and then follow up with Emily to do a public webinar.
  5. Platform Coops/Meta Gov - Nathan Schneider. Ted knows Nathan on issues of platform governance and Alex Rodriguez recently got a SoFA grant to work on governance templates. These may be two different events

Let’s see - do I have a request of webinar circle? I have not been tracking your plans so I want open some discussion about how these ideas might fit into your plans.

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Thank you! We’ll discuss in Webinar Circle. @jerry.koch-gonzalez