Check in in large online meetings ideas

How do you use the check in when having a larger online meeting, where in larger groups physicaly you would often check in with the people around you, but going into break up rooms often would take alot of unnecessary time - and check in 30 people would also use alot of time.

How do you handle this in your organisation


What I do is one of the two, sometimes both.

  • Check-ins in breakouts (pairs or groups of 3), and just set it to 3min plus ~30-sec countdown.
  • Check-in in the chat

I find a 3min breakout acceptable time-wise. Sounds like your experience with breakouts is different and that they seem to take longer in your context than you like. Do you want to say more about that?


Sometimes in large groups we have one word check-ins. People are invited to share in one word how they are coming to the meeting. I still feel happy and laugh when I remember the time someone checked in by saying “strawberries.”

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I echo Dem’s recommendation to ask for very brief check-in formats…one word or three to five. Someone will usually go overboard, but most folks can express themselves well with this type of verbal restriction. It’s nice for the whole group to hear the check-ins. Even dividing the group in half and asking for 3 to five words still conveys a sense of the group, as a whole.


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