Collective Intelligence & Power

Collective Intelligence & Collective Power

Is collectivism needed or is individualism enough?

For many decades the system promoted “being independent”.

For too many years I believed that independence is the way to individual prosperity.

What I discovered is that is not true at all.


Because, in fact, those on the top of the “The Pyramid” are quite united.

They work together and decide together using their power over the bottom of “The Pyramid”.

For all the people that are not on the top of “The Pyramid”, independence means isolation and life becomes a continuous struggle for resources.

A lesson was hidden in this “culture of independence” promoted by the “personal development” trend.

The lesson is that for progress we need togetherness. Personal development should become personal optimization, and working together for a goale is more efficace and efficient then working alone.

A few months ago I came across the idea of sociocracy.

I recognize that it is very appealing for me and for my life expectations.

I also fell in love with the idea to “bring the skill of self-governance into every corner of society” (WDWD).

However, I discovered that sometimes applied sociocracy is not the same as it is the theory I read from the book.


Because in real life people are those who apply

People being not perfect (including me) the sociocracy is not implemented quite perfectly, so tensions could appear. As long as the tensions are not identified, named, understood and solved, they may amplify and distort the sociocracy concept and method.

When “the rules” are not the same for all or when we apply them differently, taking care of some at the expense of others, an imbalance will appear and things won’t go smoothly.

I heard that we need more financial power. I agree 100%.

How could we bring on the system more financial power without using (applying) more our collective intelligence?

How to use our collective intelligence if we fail to collect it and keep it together?

How could we do this without encouraging people to stay and work together?

How can people stay and work together if their contribution is not properly appreciated or it is not recognized?

I know what a founder, a teacher, a trainer, a counselor or a mentor is, because I was myself in all of these situations. I also know how to be a diligent student because I was in this situation as well.

What if we were better colleagues, communicating in a more authentic way, understanding each other and accepting that each of us has something that the others don’t have, something that is needed for the common good of the community?

Someone once told me that a community divided against itself cannot last. What do you think?

Your friend,
because I care

p.s. These words are just my voice, represent my own thoughts and feelings and do not represent anyone else. Best wishes to you all.