Community of Practice for Facilitators - Forum Category?

Community of Practice for Facilitators - Forum Category?

Sociocracy is like a microcosm

Could we use sociocracy to build a galaxy?

I guess so, if we give more attention to education and … if we train ourselves systematically.

I am a trainer and a consultant myself, not in sociocracy yet, but in personal and systems optimization.

As a trainer I help people understand the basic principles of optimization and I assist my students to find the component parts.

Then it’s their job to complete that personal puzzle and use it to go forward.

Some years ago I was amazed to discover that there is no final destination. Everything is temporary, here or elsewhere.

Wherever we are and wherever we will be, there will always be a continuation because there are always new expectations.

Coming back to sociocracy, I appreciate SoFA’s holistic approach through an “ecosystem”. I think we could add a few other “dimensions” to what have already been done, for example a political circle to explore and prepare ourselves to influence the political environment. Let’s bring it on the table as well, because it influences our daily lives.

Well, all the sociocratic activities take place in circles and a circle needs at least four operational roles: a leader (coordinator), a delegate, a secretary (scribe) and … something to facilitate working together. Yes, I mean a facilitator.

All roles are important, but how could we have a meeting where every voice counts in the absence of a facilitator?

In the absence of a scribe we won’t remember properly, in the absence of a leader, we won’t be able to keep direction, in the absence of a delegate, we won’t connect enough with the parent circle, but how could we move on in the absence of a facilitator?

The facilitator is the same as a gearbox that facilitates the transmission of engine power to the wheels, so that the car can move. Without a facilitator, even if we have an engine, even if we have gasoline and even if we have wheels, the car will not move and we don’t want that, do we?

We like the job to be well done and the mission to be fulfilled. That’s why we always need a good facilitator.

These are some of my personal reflections. Perhaps I will come back to share other thoughts, if there is an interest on the topic.

I propose to use the discussion forum and make a dedicated category in the “Communities of Practice” section. We could name it “Community of Practice for Facilitators” or however people would like to name it.

Let’s help facilitators share their experiences and improve their skills by training, through continuous education. What do you think?

Your friend,
because I care

p.s. We really need facilitators to build a galaxy through sociocracy

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