Conflict Engagement Policy / consented by Mission Circle on November 30, 2022

Conflict Engagement Policy

consented by Mission Circle on November 30, 2022

“The best practice is conflict prevention, based on creating the conditions for members to experience care in knowing about and tending to others’ needs as we speak and listen to each other.”

Useful policy! Thank you MISSION CIRCLE for recently making this policy. :+1:

" The intention of all circles is to be inclusive and welcoming of SoFA members. To ensure well-­run productive circles, circles will generally have a defined membership of individuals who agree to a set of guidelines as stated in the SoFA Governance Document. Among those guidelines are these:

  1. make an effort to sustain a quality of connection among members that supports the circle’s ability to achieve its aims
  2. make an effort to resolve interpersonal conflicts that occur within the circle."

Very useful statment about context & purpose. :clap:

“Our goal is to bring greater clarity about underlying values, and less heat, to conflicts that arise. Individuals are asked to make clear observations about what is triggering their reactions and to avoid blaming language. To express what is of underlying importance to them and to make requests of each other. To be conscious of and address directly power dynamics and systemic oppression that may be present in the conflict.”

I guess this requires at least an authentic conversation, avoiding the temptation of using “power over” instead of using “power with”. I think a “conflict resolution” could be easier obtained through a mutual understanding. An agreement is possible when both parties agree, not by making rules by one person over the other, arbitrarily (outside a policy). Policies help with behaviour guidelines and make all involved feel safe and heard.

Congratulations and thank you! :pray: