Congratulations for the new book cover design!


From a while I was looking to find some news about the new book:

A few minutes ago, I was informed that Sociocracy for All got their new book cover by running a design contest.

For me, this an extremely pleasant design. I also quoted it on the 1st place of my preferences on the surveys that have been done on this topic.

Well, I’m looking forward to our Sociocracy Conference scheduled for May 4-5, 2023 to find out more insights about the book.

Please register me on the pre-sales list, as I want to receive it in the first wave, may be in June or at least this summer.

Finally we have a new book with real life experiences from the sociocracy environment.

I love you all!

Love the cover, and am excited to hear more about the book at Ted’s book release event on May 5th, during the global sociocracy conference.

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Dem, thank you for the comment and the links! Useful to know for all those interested about Ted’s book release event on May 5th, during the Global Sociocracy Conference.