Connection Spaces & Practice Opportunities

Connection Spaces Practice Opportunities

I think there is a “next level” for humanity and that we could reach it through sociocracy. Yes, I guess a holistic approach for society could be made collectively. Sharing knowledge, creating spaces for authentic connections and facilitating practice opportunities could (re)shape our consciousness, our behavior and finally make our society more suitable for humanity. I feel that education is a wonderful tool to prepare the path for what we are looking for, including work opportunities in an alternative and more inclusive system that could work for everyone or at least for most. People are looking for models and I expect we could invent something to meet more of our fellows needs. I really appreciate the wonderful potential sociocracy brings “on the table” and I guess we can explore and use this potential to become more human. I also appreciate what Sociocracy For All and other organizations are doing to go on this path. Best regards to all of you!
Adrian, your friend.