Dear Advocates, we missed it!

Thanks for your note, Just. Here’s what Advocates had to say:

  • In our community, we attempted decisions via an email thread and found it polarizing and problematic! Now, we don’t make decisions between meetings but we do plenty of preparations, like sending out proposals for people to review beforehand.

  • A clear and simple proposal could be consented to on Google docs, with questions and comments made there. Be sure to set a specific time frame for people’s responses.

  • Apps like Loomio provide platforms for clarifying questions, reactions and consent.

  • We don’t make decisions outside meetings or through apps. In our community we’ll call a special meeting so we can decide together. In my experience, there is no substitute for live dialogue.

  • The size and complexity of the decision matters, and who is making the decision matters. Is it the whole group or a certain circle? Complex and important decisions should happen in meetings.
    If the decision is in the domain of a role holder then they have authority to take action without the consent of the group.

  • We decide only simple things outside meeting time - like deleting redundant documents.
    When there is a decision that will likely inspire a lot of thought we have feedback/information sessions before our meeting so people can hear the proposal. This helps us shape and refine the proposal for the meeting and our meeting process tends to go more smoothly because of it.

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