Dear Advocates, we've grown apart

Hi Looking. Thanks for your question.
Here’s what fellow Advocates have to say:

  • Consider forming a Heart Circle to help folks get connected. The Heart Circle can be tasked with fostering deeper relationships on Zoom and in person.

  • Have community building time in Full Circle. Gather as a community and explore what is going on with you now. Talk about why this project matters to you and what you want for the community going forward. Review your community’s vision, mission and aim together. Explore how the group is enacting your values.

  • Does trust need to be developed in the community? If so, you might start with relational skill building, like this NVC training, and by encouraging and supporting constructive feedback in your meetings’ closing rounds.

  • Host social events that invite discovery and collaboration. What about holding Offers and Needs Markets (OANM) in your community? The OANM could help you discover each other’s interests and skills, and it can be a fun, meaningful way to support one another.

Any more recommendations, please share them here.

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Reconnecting the Community

Very useful response for those who were physically isolated during the pandemic. There were unpleasant circumstances and hard to bear for most of us.

Starting with reconnecting our hearts seems also the first think to do in such circumstances. I guess in this Heart Circle and heart reconnection process, remembering all you already have done together will warm your hearths and will invigorate your minds.

Remember why you joined each other in the first place and the success you already had would help you regain trust in yourselves and in each other. In our country we often use this process of “remembering together” and it helps us to reconnect easily.

Isn’t it wonderful that you still have each other? May be it’s the best time to rediscover each other even more profoundly and in a much deeper way then before.

If I was there (which I’m not) I would propose to explore some possibilities to do something significant together, something significant for you, of course. Life showed me that people who work together and spend time together tend to stay together and to grow even more together.

Togetherness is something that fascinate me in two ways: connection and results.

Best wishes to all the community!

Your friend from far away.