Deciding about a new member in an intentional community

I’m offering a bit of support to an established intentional community, which has embarked on a partial implementation of sociocracy. One of their thorniest issues is, who gets to decide about accepting new members, and what does the process look like? It’s clearly an area where some pain and resentment have been created in the past. And I’m like, this is a question that a thousand other communities have answered.

Is this the (maybe only) kind of decision that all current residents of the community consent to? Or do people tend to delegate to a circle? I know that there’s lots of context that would be relevant but kind of just curious to get the landscape. xx!


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I am not so sure if I understand what an INTENTIONAL community is, but any ways
A new member has to accept the vision the aim and the goals of the community and of the circle in the first instance.
Then a brief presentation to ALL members is a must ( written or live) thereafter an opinion round or many rounds if it’s controversial and finally consent of ALL.
But if the community is huge and this new member only will be active participating in a circle then is the circle members that decide!
Is my way to see it and please tell me if there’s discrepancies with other views on Sociocracy means.
Mario in Sweden