Does anyone want to try out a Swimulation?

I got this email from @francois.knuchel
I’ll be traveling on the 22nd so I can’t. Would 1-2 people here like to try it out? Swimulation – Go Fish Collective

I’m excited to share with you details of our latest GoFish! ‘Swimulation’ where you can experience an engaging and fun new spin on understanding culture change within organisations.

We’ve developed and tested the person to person Cultural Swimulation process to help groups explore how they function under different cultural assumptions, and how they’d like to work together in the future. We generally run the Swimulation within organisations.

Here’s what people thought of previous Swimulations:

“A very interesting experience! Surprising and fun on the surface, triggering deeper reflection afterwards.”

“I really enjoyed it! I loved the descriptions of the worlds and how elegantly you described the cultural memes so that we would easily adopt them.”

“Congratulations on the Go Fish Swimulation. What a fabulous experience that was!”

We now run several ‘Open Swimulations’ free of charge, to give potential clients the opportunity to ‘send’ one or two delegates to experience this embodied learning experience. That way organisations can better assess whether it would be meaningful for them to run within their own organisation.

I’d love for you, therefore, to join us for this online adventure on Tuesday, 22nd November at 14:00-17:00, or for your organisation to send one or two people to experience it.

We promise it will be a fun session, plus you’ll get a chance to reflect on how you work with others, how they work with you, and you’ll meet some great new people in the process.

Please let me know if you are up for diving into this cultural experience with us. Even if you cannot attend yourself we would like to encourage one or two others from your organisation to join us, so please let me know the names and email addresses of those people so we can send them an invitation.

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I would like to!!
I’m right at this moment of studying organizational culture

I’m absolutely interested to join the Swimulation.
Let me know how to enroll and if there is some reference documentation to read to get prepared before the event.