Dominic Barter on "Restorative Circles at 25" - brilliant understandings on offer

I finally read all of this piece - Dominic Barter writing on “Restorative Circles at 25.”

This is a brilliant piece, absolutely brilliant.

If one substituted “SCM” (Sociocratic Circle-organization Method) for “Restorative Circles” it would be an equally brilliant piece.
Or “Permaculture” for that matter.
Pick any would-be “paradigm change concept” struggling to survive its dominating paradigm, and plug it in, it’s brilliant.

His thinking is stellar, for example in understanding and describing a “living line of research” and “derivations,” or the manifold varieties of co-option that happen, or ‘knowledge’ compared to ‘information’ and the consequences of those differences.

Anyone working with “sociocracy,” or believing they are working with “sociocracy,” deserves to read this and benefit from doing so.

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