ELC improvements from a technical perspective

Hi there!

The IT support team (as part of IT circle) regularly receives support requests regarding the Empowered Learning Circle Courses (ELC). Also taking our own experience with the learn platform into account @samara , @pia.rohn and I started to organise the feedback and think about possible improvements. With this post I want to share what we’ve collected already and invite you to share your feedback on the ELC course too! Especially focusing on user experience and user journey.

Mentioning training circle members here: if there’s something you’d love to discuss with IT circle and eventually WCP around ELCs, this thread is a good opportunity :slight_smile: @shala.massey @Abbie @hope.wilder @andreas.jonsson @phouben @TedRau @jerry.koch-gonzalez

Basically we are focusing our work on 3 areas at the moment:

  • quick adjustments
    • improve user journey after billing, review emails sent, improve dashboard design on learn site, maybe a ‘how to enroll’ support page
  • FAQs
    • integrate videos, separate technical questions from content questions, clarify forum usage for FAQs
  • complex adjustments
    • further in the future, some ideas: making learn site more separate (different design, lighter menu)

Additional information can be found in the corresponding task on Asana. And also here is a presentation with detailed screenshots going through the whole registration process and with some initial change proposals.

Next steps are meeting up with @laine.wyldling-wcp to involve WCP more, see what discussion comes up here in the forum and then start implementing changes for quick adjustments and FAQs. The process is driven by the IT support team, trying to involve all the relevant circles.


Summary of the support requests IT circle got:

  • confusion about how to use the group management - how to add users/how to register (sign in as a user) (14x)
  • confusion about how to get the course started (4x)
  • confusion about the time limit of the course (4x)
  • trouble logging in (7x)
  • Using the old platform (7x)

Other feedback

  • contacting members through the platform
  • access again after completion of the course
  • it would be helpful if after enrolling members it would say what happens next
  • managing more courses with the same account (4x)
  • Improve FAQ document
    • Move the ELC Basic FAQ to the learn. site & check links on course too

Thank you for this.

I wonder how promising it would be to make it a trust system again (it used to be in the previous form) of having the leader pay and then leading on a “secret” (unlisted) page that leaders can send their group to - where they have to leave their email but not pay. The disadvantage would of course be lack of tracking groups, but then it might simply things. I just want to say that I with my Training Circle leader hat on would be comfortable with an approach like that, in particular if it would improve the UX.

That’s interesting, thanks!

We (IT support + Laine) picked up the work here and as a next step we identified to further clarify domains and/or think about a helping circle. Whereas IT support can bring in the feedback and our own experience, the technical questions are with WCP and website.