Employee Handbook Book Club

Hey y’all,

I need to read the employee handbook and something tells me I just won’t on my own. Would anyone else want to go into a breakout room at the weekly SoFA Coworking Session on Wednesday 10am-12pm EST/ 14:00utc-16:00utc and read the employee handbook together? There’s one 4/5th or 4/12th. Let me know if either of those times work for you if you’re interested.


Hi @Lainewyne,

I would be happy to participate, as I guess I would also learn a lot. I am available on Wednesday, April 5th from 10:00 to 12:00 UTC or on April 4th almost anytime. Let me if you would like to work together on reading the employee handbook. I am not an employee, but who knows what future could bring? Anyway, learning and knowledge are useful. I’m looking for your feedback. Just take this into consideration, please. Thank you.

Good idea Laine!
My presence would depend on the format you have in mind. Do you think we would read out loud, or each on our own, but we can ask each other clarifying questions if we have some, and do quick reactions??

Thats a good question…
I think if we read out loud, it might take too much time for us to get through it… Perhaps it makes more sense to break it up into chunks, where we read a section, then check in with quick q+r, then read the next section? Open to feedback/other ideas though.

Nathalie ended up reading it at co-working today! Still encourage if other people need more support prioritizing reading to come to the co-working session next wednesday.