Energy and System for Power

Energy and System for Power

I really enjoy listening to other people speak with a purpose. I really like it.
That’s why I like to listen to the recordings that SoFA makes available as a history of what was.

I listen to recordings from last month, from 3 months ago, from a year ago or even older.What about you?

This helps me form an overview of what has already happened and the possibilities that may await us in the future.

In my life I have gone through things several times that I simply did not expect.

That’s why I came to the conclusion that what was is not necessarily relevant (significant) for what will follow.

I also believe that no one is 100% right about the future yet.

The future is formed on the fly, depending on what we all do or don’t do, and this is always correlated with what moves us (sets us in motion).

What does this have to do with sociocracy?

Well, in sociocracy we often talk about the distribution of power and, of course, we practice it as much as we are able or available.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about what power could be and I will share with you some personal reflections about it.

I guess that before power there must be energy.

If we manage to use this energy in a process, then it turns into power.

Energy itself represents a potential, but a system capable of transforming energy into real power is needed. Or not?

How about imagining an organization with hundreds of people (be it sociocratic or not) in which people have various roles (or functions), but in which no one is willing to do something.

In this situation is there power? I do not think so. Even if people have decision-making power, without doing something (without acting) they are powerless.

Let’s think now that everyone in the organization uses part of the energy they have to do different actions within the organization. If the processes are well established and the energy is well oriented and used, then probably results are obtained.

This is what I would call power, the use of energy to achieve results.

By this I mean that in order to have power you need both energy and a system that transforms the available energy into results.

Do you realize that gasoline can be transformed into mechanical power only if there is an adequate system that uses the energy released by combustion.

On the other hand, what is the use of a system if it does not have the necessary energy to function and produce the expected results?

Now, back to sociocracy …

My reflection is that in order to have power, we need a system and enough energy.

Obviously, we already have the system. What about energy? How could we use this available energy in a way more efficace and efficient way to produce power (results)? Could we go far away without power? Do we use the energy as it should be or sometimes we waste it without even realizing?

I guess asking me questions is not wrong and it doesn’t bother anyone. Or not?

Adrian, your friend.