Exploring a new way of onboarding new members - your ideas please

Membership support circle is exploring a new onboarding process and would want your input.

We are looking for your thoughts both as a new member joining SoFA, and as a current member of a circle accepting new members.

What are the different kind of orienting that would be helpful before joining a circle?
:eye: open circle meetings? :ear: social events/get to know members across SoFA? :nose: specific trainings? around which topics? :anatomical_heart: Q&A with circle members? :lungs: other ideas?

What was missing during your own onboarding process?

Name some essential knowledge or skills that you wish new members entering your circle would have!

We are exploring working with two general intake periods per year (of course with the possibility to onboard people into roles that we are specifically recruting for at other times). What are your thoughts around this proposal? How would it benefit SoFA? How could it make our circle life harder?

Thankful for any feedback you can provide
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