Finance Circle in Sociocratic Structure

Hi folks, does anyone have any views / experience of having a Finance Circle off the general circle. The team may consider it shortly so I’m canvassing for opinion. Finance stretches across many of our circles. Any views?

I’m not an expert on this, but from what I understand this wouldn’t be an issue as long as aims and domains are clear. We are also setting up an Operations Circle that covers Finance, HR, communications and a few other things… the bottom line is they serve institutional processes. We see this type of circle as in service to other circles that directly move towards our aim, and have some clear (in our case) policy domains that warrant their own circle. Of course, the decisions that a Finance Circle would affect everyone, but there are specific types of knowledge needed for Finance that not everyone understands and are important for making policy.

In our case, there would be a close relationship with the CEO (Convenor of Everything) who will serve as delegate to the Operations Circle in which there are finance roles, but I imagine the same would apply in a Finance Circle.