Giving Feedback and Making Requests for Mutual Understanding

Sociocracy is a governance model that emphasizes transparency, effectiveness, and inclusiveness in decision-making processes.

Feedback and requests play a crucial role in sociocracy, as they enable individuals and groups to improve their communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Here are some guidelines for giving feedback and making requests in sociocracy:

Giving feedback:

  1. Use “I” statements to describe your personal experience or observations.

  2. Be specific and focus on the behavior or action rather than the person.

  3. Be timely and deliver feedback as soon as possible after the incident.

  4. Provide suggestions for improvement or offer support to address the issue.

For example:

“I noticed during the meeting that you interrupted me several times. It was difficult for me to share my thoughts and ideas. Can we work together to find ways to prevent interruptions and ensure that everyone has a chance to speak?”

Making requests:

  1. Be clear and specific about what you need or want being clear that others have a choice to respond or not to your request.

  2. Explain why the request is important and how it aligns with the group’s goals or values or how it could help to meet your needs.

  3. Consider the impact of your request on others and be open to negotiation or compromise.

  4. Follow up on the request and provide feedback on the outcome.

For example:

“I would like to request that we schedule regular check-ins to review our progress on the project. This will help us stay on track and ensure that we are meeting our goals. I understand that this may require some adjustments to our schedules, so I am open to discussing alternatives that work for everyone. Can we plan to discuss this at our next meeting and come up with a plan together?”

Overall, feedback and requests should be seen as opportunities for learning, growth, and collaboration.

By using clear and respectful communication, individuals and groups can build trust, improve relationships, and achieve their shared objectives.

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