Happy International Workers' Day!

Happy International Workers’ Day! As we kick back and reflect on what it means to work, let’s chat about something close to our hearts: making work better. You know, that thing called sociocracy? It’s all about shaking up the way we work for the better.

I remember the days when I was stuck in the grind of the traditional NGO world, feeling pretty miserable. But then I stumbled upon sociocracy and everything changed. Now, whenever I find myself in a meeting that’s not sociocratic, it’s like swimming upstream! Having a facilitator makes all the difference, right?

So, on this Workers’ Day, let’s swap stories. How has sociocracy made your work life better? And where do you think it’s headed in the future of work? Let’s dive in and chat about it!

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My dear Pame, I feel deep appreciation for this post. I’ve always been a very proactive person at work and it was seen as a violation of chain of command or something when I was working for call centers and transnational corporations, my peers felt very threatened by my enthusiasm. One thing I love about sociocracy is the opportunity to make decisions together, this meets my need for hands on involvement in everything I take part in. I love that it is the natural way of sociocracy and that I don’t feel odd saying my ideas (which I have so many of all the time haha).

Also, meeting structure makes all the difference in the day to day, I always say this, but it is PAINFUL when I am coworking with friends who are not in sociocractic organizations and I listen to their meetings : O

However, I think sociocracy alone does not guarantee a safe workspace and there are many other things that we can do, especially for psychological safety and breaking down white supremacist attitudes that are so embeded in our culture, but it is certainly a way towards it because of sociocracy’s emphasis on making all voices be heard.

I feel so lucky to be here and I love you all my sociocrazy babies!