How do you implement sociocracy in schools?

At last month’s Community of Practice meeting, we discussed how to implement sociocracy in schools, and came up with the following tips. What are your tips for implementation?

  • Avoid pure top-down implementation- having people who opt-in consent to join.
  • Clarity of domains very important- who gets to decide what? Who gets to give feedback only?
  • Parents consent that they will learn sociocracy in order to have a consent vote.
  • When you sign up, you will do a training. (Ex do it yourself ELC training).
  • Actual training materials- everyone watches School Circles training version.
  • Intro to rounds and consent (staff and students).
  • Breakout groups with role-plays: decide “what’s for dinner."
  • Practice selection- selection process to choose an activity to do the rest of the hour. :slight_smile:
  • Build tools slowly- start with rounds, consent, build to selections, then more complex proposals and circle structure.
  • Learning through living in sociocratic meetings, not just training and talking about it.
  • Acknowledge the culture supporting sociocracy- ex. NVC and conflict resolution tools.
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