How many people that you meet know about sociocracy? Has that changed? How?

Hey there
I have a question for anyone who reads here.

Years ago, it would have been rare to run into someone who happened to know about sociocracy.
Now, I hear anecdotally that this has changed. @Abbie told me stories about cooperatives in the UK being more and more aware of sociocracy - and considering it what they do.
It’s certainly true around me as well, in self-managed teams in business, more and more in nonprofits that want to have collaborative leadership styles, and, of course, in intentional communities.

I’d love to hear some anecdotes from you all, especially those who have been familiar with sociocracy for more than 2 years or so. But really, I’d like to hear all stories of random people coincidentally knowing about sociocracy.

P.S. For more context: this is a key question in the context of our Theory Of Change (see impact report pages 5 onwards ). We want to know about those early signs of people knowing about sociocracy, and maybe even considering it “normal”.

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I recently spoke with two representatives of a political party here, in my country. They invited me because they heard from social media that I’m dealing with sociocracy.

They told me that they are also interested in implementing sociocracy in their party (a “green” one) and that they talked about sociocracy with other NGOs interested in this topic.

It was unexpected for me to hear these in my own country where “sociocracy” is not a word in the dictionary.

To make the story short, I was also surprised because I was thinking of organizing a political party and/or an NGO based on sociocracy, to bring people together, work together and decide together.

They told me about their initiative to split people in two committees that should decide together. Hearing that they discuss for a long time till they can reach an “agreement”, I guess they use a kind of consensus, not a consent decision-making process. They don’t have a meeting agenda and each committee has about 10 people.

I expect to continue our discussion by May 2023 and maybe participate in one or more of their meetings, to understand what they are talking about.

I guess I could bring more clarity in their approach and let them understand to start with a small group that makes a firm decision to choose sociocracy for internal self (auto) governance, then … continuous learning and practicing.

When I have more to say on this topic, I will come back and “report”. I would be interested to find more about this item from other people who are available to share their real life experiences here.

I appreciate the opportunity to find, learn and practice sociocracy.

I’m looking to become able not only to practice sociocracy, but to teach it in my native language.

I love sociocracy, I love mankind and I love all of you!