How to better support Sector Circles?

Hey SoFA!

As we work on the Sector Roadmap, it begs the question: How can SoFA Better support sector circles?

What has been challenging?
What has been exciting/working?
What do you think would help with the challenges?

But then, there’s another question - how can Sector Circles support SoFA?
As SoFA develops various offerings and grows its impact, there are a few emerging areas where Ecosystems and sector circles seem to be key players.

Here are some needs from circles, which could possibly be fullfilled by Ecosystems and sector circles:

  1. Sector Conference Production - Conferences Circle will soon be convening under Content and is looking to not only be responsible for the annual conference, but for supporting the development of other conferences (via helping circles). But it needs the networking capacity of the sector circles, as well as production energy!

  2. Sector Specific Content - Audience Circle is looking to continue producing great content to share about how sociocracy is useful, applicable, relevant and related to important contemporary dialogues, but Audience Circle only accepts submissions, it doesn’t have a team of writers! Although Content Production Circle (CPC) has a “Writer’s Workshop” (in english and spanish with @hope.wilder-4900 and @eric.tolson respectively), but CPC also lacks many writers native to it… The hope is that Sector Circles may join the writers workshop and develop their writing and be able to grow SoFA’s relevant content!

  3. Outreach sub-circles & Membership Circles are both keen on networking, but expanding our network into new sectors is key! We have a robust Contact Management System that’s just waiting to be utilized to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for with SoFA, to cultivate connections with potential members and collaborative partners. That even includes things as simple as supporting connection on Social Media - for instance @brian.tohana of outreach circle is putting together teams of SoFA Social Media Influencers, which would ideally reach solidly into sector circles.

  4. Content Production Circle is developing new content, but needs input and collaboration from Sectors if its to make sector specific content. An example is an activist oriented Empowered Learning Circle. The cultural differences between cohousers and activists are significant enough that the subculture warrants its own theme.

  5. Website Circle is currently envisioning a website facelift, and just like different sectors sometimes call for different content, that may also be true for website design and aesthetics! @joann.shen in particular is interested in exploring different visual aesthetics. There are a few ways we could explore different design and style elements, and it’s still an unfinished book as to how that will develop, but input from potential sector audiences may be key!

  6. Excellent Communities of practice! Organizational Memberships really has a need for sectors to have rich communities of practice. A thriving community of practice doesn’t take a lot of work, but it’s also easy to have it feeling a bit dull… what makes for that magic?

  7. People are yearning for in-person gatherings! How can we leverage sector niches to weave a new post-COVID (even if it’s just a ‘new normal’) social fabric?
    I imagine this means starting local, but there’s also the possibility of larger in person gatherings at some time in the more distant future!

What do you think about all of these ideas?
Are there any particular things you’re excited about?
Are these things which sector circles can take on?
What resources and skills are needed to make these a reality?